Monday, April 8, 2013

I Am Expecting Letters


As far as Email goes, I can still only check it and reply on Monday, But my physical address I can check and reply every day. Speaking of which, my address is:

5780 Springview Drive
Rocklin, CA 95677
Apt. 57

It's a pretty nice place. Much nicer than I was expecting.

Area map

Elder Hunter Payne - Trainer

Sister & President Weston, Elder Hyde, Elder Payne
I would send more pictures of the area, but then you would be wondering why I sent you 20 pictures of American Fork.

This area is really nice, although it hasn't been warm yet. It is supposed to hit 84 later this week.

There are wild geese and turkeys that just wander around the place. Elder Payne almost got attacked by some geese, because it is gosling season. It is actually pretty cool having these giant birds meandering around all the time.

This area is very low on investigators and baptisms, but Elder Payne and I are convinced we can change that. We did get our first investigator this week though. More news as we teach her more.

There are many members here, and we haven't had to make dinner since I got here.

Elder Payne is great. He is a cowboy from Northern Utah. He cracks me up.

There are two other Elders in the next ward over: Tongi and Edwards. They are the funniest people I have ever met.

Overall, I think our district needs to be more obedient, but I think that will come.

- Elder Hyde


Out here we are pretty high class. We get to shop at the KMart, and on special occasions we go all the way out to the WalMart for some really high quality stuff.

Elder Payne says that garage sales are going to start popping up and we get go find some great stuff. I love you all, and I am expecting letters. 

- Elder Hyde

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