Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chance Meeting with Karen Lowe Hill

Valyn's cousin Karen lives in Loomis, about 5 miles from Keenan's apartment.  We got this email from her today:

I was coming home from baseball and saw 2 young boys in white shirts walking on the sidewalk. I slowed down to see if I would recognize on of them. I did!! I did 2 quick u-turns and drove up to them. I asked them if they knew who I was. One of them started to say no (with a weird look on his face). I pointed to him and said "you wouldn't know me" But the other cute young man said Yes I recognize you--You are my mom's cousin. I introduced myself to him--since he really doesn't know me!! We talked for just a few minutes. He looked great and very happy. My friends in the ward says he is very enthusiastic. I told him if he needs anything to let the Murphy's know (he is the Stake Pres. and in Rocklin 2 ward and our best friends) and they can get a hold of me. It was fun to see him!

If we are lucky, we may hear about it from Keenan.  His letters and emails are tidbits and snippets that we try to piece together into cohesive communication.  So far we have had little luck. 

There is a level of comfort knowing that Karen and Elaine (Karen's mom) are close.  I am also happy he recognized who she was!

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