Monday, March 25, 2013

I Wear the Badge. I Have the Calling. I'm a Real Missionary Now.

Here is a transcription of Keenan's physical letter (partially redacted) from 23-March-2013

       … I am limited on time.  We are only in the MTC for 12 days, so they have every minute scheduled.  In fact, I am not writing in my journal tonight so I can write to you.  
       I love you all so much.  The MTC has given me so much.  I feel like Elisha:  I have a double portion of the spirit than I had before. 
       My first companion is Elder Johnson.  He is so much like me!  We get along extremely well.  
       There are two other Elders we share our room with.  Elder Danciak and Elder Armstrong.  Although that's not exactly true.  Elder Armstrong went home today.  It is strange; I feel true sorrow for someone I just met. 
       So now I am in a trio.  Elder Danciak is from New Jersey and 24.  He is the oldest in our District, and I am the youngest. He is kinda dopey, but he gives amazing blessing and is so in touch with the spirit. 
       Elder Johnson is 19, and personality-wise is a good mix of Ian and me.  So we are best friends, I feel, has had some very similar experiences to me …
       I think we have the least populated room in the MTC (I get my own bunk bed!)
       I would be able to send you pictures until I am out in the field.  The computers here are very secure.
       I leave for California the 2nd of April at 8:30 am.
       I thank you for your letters.
       Today, I learned that I have been praying wrong my whole life.  Praying is like a priesthood blessing:  It must be guided by the spirit.  Prayer is the act of unifying our will with Heavenly Father's.
       The showers here are possessed.  I think they purposely set them up to vary in temperature randomly.   The good news is that Elders only take 2-minute showers.  The bad part is you come out burned and frostbitten.
       The first day I was here I caught a cold, so I still don’t know what it feels like to be healthy at the MTC.
       I have run into both David and Avery. David will only talk to me in Russian (he has to), but it was nice talking to him just the same.  Avery is doing well. 
       There is a great visual joke walking around.  There is an Elder who is fat, hairy and balding.  He looks 35 even though he is probably 20. His name: Elder Malais
       My P-day is Monday, so I will reply to all e-mails then. 
       We are in a great branch.  We are honestly better than most in the MTC. 
       The food here is lame.  It’s good, but I swear they add fiber to EVERYTHING.  At least the bathrooms are nice.
       I have so much to tell you all, but lights out is soon.
I wear the badge.  I have the calling.  I’m a real missionary now.
                                    Elder Keenan Hyde

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