Monday, March 25, 2013

"Guys" are the Males at Home Who Are Dating our Girlfriends

Monday is my PDay. They only allow us 30 minutes on the computer, and it is on a timer.
I have two companions. Elders Johnson and Danciak. There is more information on them in my letter I sent you.
There are 2 Elders and 4 Sisters in our District.
The Elder companionship is Elder Ewell (Yule) and Elder Kretschmer. Ewell is from Vernal and is a pretty boy, but he is a good elder. Elder Kretschmer is from Illinois, and is one of the wittiest people I have ever met.
The two sister companionships are Sister Lohman and Sister Grant, and Sister Parkin and Sister Smith. They are such perfect examples of what Sister missionaries should be.
The Spirit is so strong here. I feel so open to revelation and learning.
Last night, we were able to watch a talk from Elder Bednar. It has never been seen except in the MTC. Elder Bednar does a great cookie monster impression. His talk was on the character of Christ. Whenever Christ was going through personal trials, he always looked out towards others.
Would you please send me an email with a list of everyone who wants emails(Question Mark).
The computers here don´t allow us to do normal characters.
I love you all very much.
Our teachers here are great. We have class as a district. We are in class all day, with plenty of personal study time. Tomorrow we teach our first real investigator. Well, we don´t know if they are a member or not, but we have been taught to invite others to come unto Christ. Everybody is an investigator.
The food is here is pretty standard Sysco stuff. On Sundays and Wednesdays, we have unlimited creamery ice cream. They also have caffeine free Coke.
Send me as much mail as you want, it makes the other Elders jealous.
They say that as missionaries we have the right to ask God for things we otherwise wouldn´t be entitled to ask. I have been praying for Dad to get a job. Tell me how this goes, and tell me if you want me to ask our Heavenly Father for anything special for you guys.
We are not supposed to say ¨guys¨ in the mission field. According to the MTC President´s wife, ¨guys¨ are the males at home who are dating our girlfriends.
All my love,
Elder Hyde

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