Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We dropped Keenan off at the MTC today.  

We pulled up, pushed him out of the car and drove away palms on the back window. 

They have the system down.  There are numbered spots along the curb with a group of missionaries waiting to greet the greenies.  We got out of the car long enough to hug him good bye and we were on our way.  

Keenan said that when he entered the MTC there would be a sign above the door that reads END PART ONE.  There may not be an actual sign, it is true nonetheless.  

Tomorrow he wakes up and it is the beginning of PART TWO!

Keenan with Grandma and Grandpa Harrison

Keenan with Grandpa and Grandma Hyde

The 2nd to last family portrait before departure

Sincerely, The Old Folks at Home (Jordan, Valyn, Channing, Schuyler and Brighton)

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